When using Velixo NX to connect to your data, the following message appears:


Text of Message:

Could not connect: Generic Inquiries used by Velixo are missing in this Tenant.


Velixo NX uses the same Generic Inquiries that are automatically installed by Velixo Reports, but NX cannot install these - they have to be installed separately.


There are two methods for installing the necessary Generic Inquiries:


Using Velixo Reports

If you have access to Excel for Windows, install Velixo Reports and create a connection to your Acumatica data. when done by a user with sufficient Acumatica rights to create generic inquiries, Velixo Reports will automatically create those inquiries in the Acumatica tenant,


Installing the Customization Project

For those environments where it is not possible to use Velixo Reports (such as on a Mac or using Excel Online), an Acumatica administrator can Import and Publish the Acumatica Customization Package. The necessary inquiries are included in the Customization Project included in that package.

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