If you are working on an unfamiliar computer or you have just completed an installation but do not see the the Acumatica ribbon in Excel's toolbar:


This may be due to either the Velixo Reports add-in not being activated or it could be that something interfered with the installation process.

Is Velixo NX installed, instead?

Could someone have inadvertently installed Velixo NX (our upcoming product for Mac and Excel Online) instead of Velixo Reports Classic?

You can tell that Velixo NX is installed by checking for the Velixo button on the Home ribbon of the Excel toolbar, or if the Velixo side panel appears in Excel:

Is Velixo Reports installed?

To find out if Velixo Reports (Classic) is installed, right-click on the Windows Start icon and select Apps and Features:


From the Apps & features screen, scroll down in the alphabetical list to where Velixo Reports should be:


If Velixo is present, it is installed.

You may need to Manually Activate the Add-in to ensure that it shows up in Excel.

If Velixo is not present in the list, you would need to ensure that Excel is closed and then download and install the Velixo add-in.

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