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Project Quantity Does Not Match Cost Budget Tab
Project Quantity Does Not Match Cost Budget Tab
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Under certain circumstances, Acumatica's Cost Budget tab may display different values than what is returned by the Velixo Project Quantity functions (PROJECTBEGINNINGQUANTITY, PROJECTENDINGQUANTITY, PROJECTTURNOVERQUANTITY)



The Velixo Project Quantity functions retrieve totals from Acumatica's PMHistory table.

When entering project transactions in Acumatica, if an InventoryID is not provided, Acumatica (by design) does not add the transaction quantity to the aggregated quantity data in that table. As a result, the Velixo functions do not include such data in the results.

Acumatica's Cost Budget tab aggregates all the quantities individually (instead of using the total in the PMHistory table).


Use an inventory ID in all your transactions. This will ensure that Acumatica includes the transaction quantity values in the totals stored in the PMHistory table.


If data without an InventoryID is already present in Acumatica, an alternative for reporting this data would be to build an Acumatica Generic Inquiry to get the data from the PMBudget table and then bringing those results into Excel using Velixo's GI() function.

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