Error Creating Journal Transactions
when using Journal Writeback feature
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When attempting to perform a Journal Writeback, the following message is returned by Acumatica and displayed by Velixo Reports:


Text from the Error Message:

Error creating journal transaction: Error: The system failed to commit the GLTranModuleBatNbr row.


Acumatica Cash accounts are always linked to a specific branch and subaccount:


Unfortunately, the communication channel used between Acumatica and Velixo does not provide a clear error message when we try to use a cash account with a different subaccount and/or branch.


To troubleshoot this, the exact same entry can be created manually from within the Acumatica user interface. A more specific error message will be shown.

The resolution is to only use the specifically-defined branch and subaccount when creating journal entries for cash accounts.

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