Velixo Reports "Classic"

Velixo Reports (our "Classic" product) supports Excel for Windows (v2010 and higher - Excel 365 recommended).

When using Excel for Windows, Velixo Reports Classic is the recommended product.

Velixo NX

Velixo NX is the upcoming next generation of Velixo reporting - built using the latest extensibility technologies available in current versions of Excel 365 on Mac and on the web.

Each platform (Mac, Online, and Windows) has its own advantages, and the time necessary to run a report will vary depending on the platform being used.

Speed Comparison

While Velixo is always striving to enhance the functionality and performance of all our products, in order to help our customers understand what to expect from each platform, here is a general comparison of the time needed to run the same report using Excel for Windows (with Velixo Reports Classic), Excel Online (using Chrome and Velixo NX), and Excel for Mac (using Velixo NX and Excel for Mac's integration with Safari).


(This comparison assumes all other aspects being equal - report, computer speed, etc.)

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