VBA: RunDistributionList
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Distribute the report using the provided distribution list worksheet. This is the equivalent to using the "Distribute All" button from the toolbar.

See Introduction to Velixo's VBA functions for general usage information.


  objVelixo.RunDistributionList Worksheet

objVelixo - a variable that represents an instance of the Velixo VBA functions class.





Required. Excel.Worksheet value that provides the Distribution List worksheet to act upon.


If Application.DisplayAlerts is set to False, any message boxes will be suppressed and warnings and errors will be returned as exceptions. This is especially useful for a fully unattended automation. Once completed, set back DisplayAlerts to True.

โ— When a Distribution List is used with a report containing pivot tables, pivot tables are not automatically refreshed as part of the Distribution process; you need to explicitly enable this. For more information, see the Distribution List article.


Dim velixoObj As Velixo_Reports.VBA
Dim distributionWorksheet As Excel.Worksheet
Dim currentWorkbook As Excel.Workbook

Set velixoObj = CreateObject("Velixo.Reports.Vba")

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

Set currentWorkbook = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set distributionWorksheet = currentWorkbook.Worksheets("Distribution List")

velixoObj.RunDistributionList distributionWorksheet

Application.DisplayAlerts = True
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