When you connect to an Acumatica tenant, if your version of Velixo Reports requires any new generic inquiries that do not already exist in the tenant, the system will prompt you to create those inquiries:


All of Velixo Reports' Generic Inquiries are made visible within the Acumatica User Interface. As such, each also has an Acumatica Screen ID.

The way screen IDs are assigned depends on the way the inquiries are deployed to the site.

  • If you simply use Velixo to connect to Acumatica as an admin user and allow Velixo Reports to create the inquiries, the screen IDs are automatically assigned by Acumatica. This is same process that is used when you click Make Visible on UI in your own GIs. You can change the screen IDs after they are installed if the assigned screen IDs are preventing you from publishing another customization.

  • If you publish Velixo's Acumatica Customization Project, all the inquiries have fixed screen IDs which start with the letters VE

If you need to adjust the names of all the Velixo generic inquiries, you can keep things simple by just deleting all the Velixo inquiries, and then republishing them using the project.

The changes will not impact existing reports, since Velixo retrieves the data based on the GI name, and not the screen ID.

However, be sure to verify access rights after changing the screen IDs or publishing the Velixo customization project, as Acumatica stores those permissions by screen ID.

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