VBA: HideZeroRows
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Hide rows that only have zero values for the provided range.

See Introduction to Velixo's VBA functions for general usage information.


  objVelixo.HideZeroRows [Range]

objVelixo A variable that represents an instance of the Velixo VBA functions class.





Required. Excel.Range to act upon.


The HideZeroRows method honors Excel's Application.DisplayAlerts flag.

If set to True, HideZeroRows behaves the same as when used from the toolbar (i.e. information, warning and errors will be displayed in message boxes).

If set to False, all information messages will be suppressed and all warning and error messages will instead be returned as exceptions.

To reapply HideZeroRows after data has changed see UnhideAll.


Apply HideZeroRows to a predefined range, without affecting current selection. In this case, we apply HideZeroRows to Debit and Credit columns of the Trial Balance sheet. This hides account rows without activity for the given financial period.

The below example uses the sample report from P&L, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, Project Profitability.

Dim velixoObj As Velixo_Reports.VBA
Set velixoObj = CreateObject("Velixo.Reports.Vba")

velixoObj.HideZeroRows Range("'Trial Balance'!D8:E150")
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