Velixo NX is designed for use with Excel 365 for Mac and Excel Online.

If you use Excel for Windows, please install Velixo "Classic" for Windows.


If Velixo Reports has never been used on this tenant, it is necessary to first configure the inquiries needed by Velixo NX by either connecting to the tenant using Velixo Reports or by installing the Acumatica Customization Project.

Adding Velixo NX to Excel 365 for Mac or Excel Online

After starting Excel and creating a blank workbook, go to the Insert ribbon and select Office Add-ins:


From the Office Add-ins screen, search for Velixo:


When the Velixo add-in is displayed, click on the Add button:


On the License Terms and Privacy Policy screen, click Continue:


The Velixo button will then be added to Excel’s Home ribbon:



Click the Velixo button to activate the Add Connection pane, and then click the Add Connection button.


The Add Connection pane includes the following:

  • Name: This is a friendly (and preferably short) name for the connection, which must be unique. This name will be used later when building formulas that refer to it.

  • URI: The base URL to your ERP website. This must include the protocol (http:// or https://) and subfolder (if any).


    NOTE: only the root address should be entered; if you copy-paste from your web browser address bar, do not include Frames/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f

  • Tenant: The tenant to which you want to connect (Velixo NX only supports multi-tenant ERP instances).

  • Username/Password: The username and password that are used to connect to your ERP account.

  • Remember Password: Check this box to save the password. If you decide to save the password for the connection, the password will not be saved within the Instead the password is saved to your Velixo user profile and encrypted with the Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI).

  • Connect: Click this button to attempt the connection and save it if successful.

Once Velixo NX has been added to your Excel 365 and you have established a connection to your supported ERP data, you are ready to enter Velixo functions in your workbook:


Note for Mac users:

Due to browser restrictions (the extensibility framework on Excel for Mac uses Safari behind the scenes), the Acumatica website that you connect to must be accessible over the public internet, with no VPN requirement.

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