Velixo provides an Acumatica customization package to facilitate the configuration process for system administrators. This package is required for certain Velixo features and is updated when new functionality requires changes within Acumatica.

Updating the Project

Updating the project is a fairly simple process for an Acumatica Administrator.

Note: Publishing an Acumatica Customization Project may momentarily disconnect all active website users - especially when using versions prior to 2021 R2.

Step 1

Step 2

In Acumatica, go to the Customization Projects Screen


and click on the VelixoConnectedAppConfig project

Step 3

Once in the Customization Project Editor, select Replace from Package from the File menu:


Step 4

On the Open Package dialog, first click the Choose File button and then navigate to where you downloaded the latest customization package...


…then click the UPLOAD button.

Step 5a

Publish the Customization.

Back on the Project Customization screen, ensure that the VelixoConnectedAppConfig project is selected.


If you have other published customizations that you want to
ensure remain published, select them as well.


If your Acumatica installation contains just one tenant, click the PUBLISH button

Step 5b

If your Acumatica installation contains more than one tenant, click the down arrow on the PUBLISH button and select Publish to Multiple Tenants...


If you are using Acumatica 2021 R2, the Publish to Multiple Tenants option has been moved to the three dots (...) menu:

…and then select every tenant that will be connected to from Velixo:


and click OK.


Newer versions of Acumatica (2021 R2 and newer) take extra care not to restart your application (and, therefore, not to log out the active users from the site) when publishing a customization. There is still a chance of that happening, though, especially when the customization contains changes to business logic code or you publish it "with cleanup".

You can, however, ensure that the website is not restarted - this is especially handy in case you need to update Velixo inquiries right away on a live site.

All you need to do is to check "Apply changes only to database" in the dialogue window above - doing so will update all Velixo inquiries to their latest versions.

In such a case, don't forget to do a proper republish (without the checkbox checked) later on when you can afford a downtime.

Step 6

Acumatica will compile the upgraded project and display the final Publish button.


When you are ready to log out all active Acumatica users, click Publish

Step 7

Once you are informed that the website has been updated...


…You can close the Compilation window and return to Acumatica.

Done: the customization project has been updated and has now been published to all specified tenants.

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