This feature is supported by Acumatica 2019 R2 and newer and requires Acumatica Administrator rights


This article refers to new installations of the customization package.

If you already have the package installed, please see

Updating the Acumatica Customization Package

Velixo provides an Acumatica customization package to facilitate the configuration process for system administrators. This package is required for certain Velixo features:

The package includes the Velixo Connected Application Configuration required for single sign-on, the necessary Generic Inquiries used by Velixo as well as the web services needed for Project Forecast Writeback.

The customization must be published in every Tenant that will be accessed from Velixo. This is done from the Acumatica Customization Projects page:


Import and publish a customization project

For information on how to import a customization project, an Acumatica admin can refer to Import a Project in the Acumatica documentation.

For information on how to publish a customization project, see Publish a Project in the Acumatica documentation.

New Version of the Customization Project

When your version of Velixo Reports requires an newer version of the customization package than is currently published, an informational message will be displayed when a connection is made to the data. You will then have the option to download the latest version of the project.

Using an older version of the Acumatica package will not prevent Velixo from working, but you will not have access to the latest features included in the new version of the package.

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