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Maintaining Formatting of Financial Periods
Maintaining Formatting of Financial Periods
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As is common if many reports, your report may contain Financial Periods.


Known Issue

When using the Velixo Copy Workbook Without Formulas feature:

Or either of the Distribution List options which remove Velixo functions from the resulting file:


Excel can reformat certain results (such as those from the FinancialPeriodList function) as either numbers or Excel dates:



This is due to Excel behavior that looks to convert what looks like a date into a date when no other formatting is set in a cell.

To resolve this in the original report, highlight any cell(s) that Excel is re-formatting, select the Format pulldown from the Home ribbon on the Excel toolbar...


... and select Text

Now, when using Velixo features to create a workbook without Velixo functions, there will be a specific format associated with the Financial Period cells and that format will be maintained in the resulting workbook:

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