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A common need is to filter our financial results by company


For example, this Acumatica tenant includes three companies:

Revision Two Capital, Revision Two Products, and Revision Two Services...


Since the Velixo functions support filtering by Branch (rather than by Company), let's look at how to find a company's financial results.


By going to the Branches screen within Acumatica, we can see that our tenant has a total of 5 branches:


The company "Revision Two Products" is composed of two branches: Products Retail and Products Wholesale - and we can see the Branch ID for each of those.

By including those Branch IDs (PRODWHOLE and PRODRETAIL) within our Velixo report, referring to those Branch IDs within the Branch filter of our Velixo functions...


...we are able to separate the results by Company.

We can also accomplish this without listing the branches. We simply need to use the Company ID with the BRANCHLIST function within our other function:

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