Welcome to the World of Velixo

As a new Velixo user, we want to make sure you can quickly and easily get

from where you are to where you need to be.

The Velixo YouTube Channel is constantly being updated to feature the latest in Velixo functionality and techniques.

In addition, here we answer some common questions to get you heading in the right direction

"How do I install Velixo and connect a spreadsheet?"

The purpose of this video is to explain how to install Velixo and connect your first spreadsheet to your Acumatica data.

"How do I retrieve account names and balances?"

Now that you have downloaded Velixo and connected your spreadsheet to Acumatica, let's take a look at some basic functions.

"How can I use filters to quickly and easily update my spreadsheet?"

Let's take a look at how you can use Velixo to build a spreadsheet with filters which allow you to easily view different data by changing the filters.

"How can I use the wildcards and ranges to combine multiple items?"

When you create functions with Velixo to view your data, you may want to use parameters that include wildcards and/or ranges to help you narrow-down your data.

"How can I use the drill down option to view source transactions?"

Since Velixo connects your Acumatica data to your spreadsheet, it is easy to navigate between Excel and your Acumatica instance.

"What are the other commonly used options in the Acumatica tab?"

Let's explore a few more commonly used features in Velixo.

"Where can I find sample reports?"

Our Sample Excel Reports articles provide a variety of reports to help you learn more about using Velixo to turn your Acumatica data into the Information you need.

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