'Generic Inquiry' Videos
Video walkthroughs for using Acumatica Generic Inquiry data in your reports
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Generic Inquiry Functions

The Generic Inquiry (or "GI") functions provide a powerful technique for taking your data and getting the information you need.

Here are a few examples of using this Velixo functionality to help you get started and to refine your report-writing abilities.

Accounts Receivables Aging Report

Aging the company's Accounts Receivables with Velixo and Excel

Account Turnover Report

Dynamic account turnover report using the ExpandAccountRange function.

List of Financial Account Transactions

Creating a dynamics list of transactions for a range of accounts and financial periods.

Reconciling GL expense accounts with accounts payable bills

Recorded live stream of reconciling GL expense accounts with accounts payable bills in Acumatica

Optimizing GI Functions Performance

Learn how to optimize Velixo's performance for very large inquiries

"Where can I find sample reports?"

Our Sample Excel Reports articles provide a variety of reports to help you learn more about using Velixo to turn your Acumatica data into the Information you need.

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