In Acumatica, it is possible to define dynamic attributes that one can link to records such as business accounts, customers, vendors, stock items etc.

(Explaining them is out of scope of this article - see Acumatica help for details)


The screens below show an example attribute of "Company size" (assume it is linked to the "Business Account" records in the system):


Once properly configured, you can include the respective attribute value in to a Generic Inquiry result set in Acumatica:


These will now be included in your GI() calls to that inquiry in Velixo:


Filtering Pitfalls

There is a peculiarity of Acumatica that you need to be aware of to properly filter by attribute values.

On the screenshot above, note that the GI() call returns a Description value of the attribute ("1-100").

However, for the purposes of OData filtering, you need to specify the values from the Value ID column instead! ("100").

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