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Filtering Generic Inquiries by Financial Period IDs
Filtering Generic Inquiries by Financial Period IDs
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Follow the questionnaire below to determine which financial period format you should use for the GI filters:

  • Which version of Acumatica do you connect to?

    • 2020R2 or newer:

      • Use the MMYYYY format, e.g. '122021'

    • 2020R1 or older:
      (Check if the "Always load the entire Generic Inquiry and filter the data locally" flag is enabled under Options -> [Inquiry Name] -> Edit.

      • The box is unchecked:

        • Use the YYYYMM , e.g. '202112'

      • The box is checked:

        • Use the MMYYYY format, e.g. '122021'

Normally you should never separate the ordinal ("month") and the year with a dash in your filters - the financial periods are stored without a dash in Acumatica.


In 2020R1 and older, Acumatica expected the YYYYMM format for the financial period columns in OData filters. In 2020R2 and newer, however, Acumatica began to expect the MMYYYY format, which is a breaking change and you may need to change your formulas.

At the same time, if you enabled client-side filtering with Velixo ("Always load the entire Generic Inquiry...") for a particular inquiry, you should always use the MMYYYY format regardless of the Acumatica version.

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