This feature is used to save a copy of the currently-open workbook with all Velixo function calls removed from that new workbook.

This feature allows a workbook to be distributed to non-Velixo users who may want to make adjustments and recalculate that workbook.


Here we have a simple Velixo report. Notice that the workbook includes both Velixo functions...


... as well as Excel calculations:


By selecting Copy Workbook Without Formulas from the Acumatica ribbon...


... we can save the workbook under a new name. That workbook still has all the Excel functions and calculations...


... but all the Velixo functions have been replaced with their respective values from the database:


This new workbook can now be sent to non-Velixo users who may want to make changes and see how the values recalculate.

Velixo Reports v5.0 and higher support including protected sheets in your workbook (you will be prompted for the password when you select this feature)

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