Users of Acumatica will have access to the same Acumatica data from within Velixo. Velixo uses (and is limited by) the same permissions that are defined for the user within Acumatica.

If permissions for a module/folder have not been previously configured in the site map, Acumatica will set permissions to "Undefined" and everyone will have access to that module/folder - both within Acumatica and through Velixo.

If any inquiry in Acumatica's Data Views folder *has* been previously secured, none of the Velixo inquiries will be accessible to anyone.

Special Note for Active Directory Users:

If your Acumatica installation provides logins to user using their Active Directory credentials, there are two options for assigning Acumatica roles to those users:

  • Automatically assign Acumatica roles based on the current AD roles and how those roles are mapped to Acumatica roles in the Roles screen

  • Override the roles and manually assign them from the Users maintenance screen

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