The Generic Inquiries portion of the Options window allows us to modify those options that are specific to the Generic Inquiries we have referenced from within our workbook.


When we click the kebab icon next to our Generic Inquiry, and select Edit...


... Velixo will display the options associated with that specific Generic Inquiry:


Refresh Mode

Allows us to control how much data is retrieved from the database:

Key Fields

Key Fields are those fields which uniquely identify each record in the Generic Inquiry. An example of a unique field for a list of GL accounts would be the AccountCode. Another example for invoice document lines would be the combination of Document Type, Invoice Number, and Line Number.

NOTE: Typically, a Description field or an Account Class would not suffice as a key field (since there are many duplicate values in tables that contain such fields). Doing so would result in an error message when using GI functions with that Generic Inquiry.

Also note that there is no universally applicable unique field, and a set of keys would typically differ across Generic Inquiries. For example, AccountCode can guarantee uniqueness in the chart of accounts, but would not suffice as a key in a list of GL transactions, where multiple lines can contain the same account.

When used with Full Refresh, Velixo Reports does not require the configuration of key fields for use with the GI function. Keys are necessary only if we want to use Smart Refresh and/or if we want to use the GILOOKUP function.

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