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Alternative Algorithm when Removing All Formulas
Alternative Algorithm when Removing All Formulas
to avoid slow processing with certain configurations of Excel
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Velixo Classic offers multiple options for removing functions and formulas from your report...

Both from the Velixo ribbon:

and using the Velixo Distribution List feature:



Some configurations of Excel experience issues with the method that is used to accomplish this.


For those users who experience very slow file creation, Velixo Report offers an the Option of using an alternative method for removing the functions and formulas from the report:


Velixo recommends that most users leave this option turned OFF.

Velixo provides this option for those users experiencing specific issues, and it should should ONLY be used if you experience performance issues when removing all formulas (this option does not affect removing "Velixo formulas only").

This alternative technique can create issues with certain fonts (we have seen specific issues with Wingdings) or when a report has a filter applied to a table.

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